Denice D. Lewis has always been quite a dish! In fact, she had an amazing career as a super model for many years but upon “dish”covering that she had become “dish”abled due to severe fibromyalgia she turned inward to her sense of spirit and began painting again. Something that she hadn’t done for many years.  As the canvases began to accumulate she saw in them something very much unexpected. Dishes! And “Very Dishy Indeed!” was born!

So should you “dish”ide that you just can’t live without one of her many beautiful dishes and purchase them for your home please know that Very Dishy Indeed! will donate a portion of the proceeds to The National Fibromyalgia Association for Fibromyalgia research. We know you will make the right “dish”ision! “Dish”cover Very Dishy Indeed! And get the Dishes!